Digital Detox

December 16, 2019

From time to time I like to browse through my phone to remove whatever I no longer want or need. Aside from creating more storage space a digital detox is a great way to get rid of any distractions preventing you from achieving productivity and efficiency. When used correctly, a phone is a helpful resource, especially for us boss-minded moms. So much can be accomplished whether it's for education, entertainment, or business to name a few. I relay on my phone for a number of things such as managing my day as well as special projects including creating content. 


Take note for later or grab your phone now to get this digital detox done.

Don't feel guilty for deleting contacts from your phone. Unless they're family, if I haven't talked to someone in more than six months to a year I'm deleting their contact from my phone. I'd rather have a short list of contacts I actually hear from or reach out to then a long list of people that are no longer a part of my life. Check for duplicates. Now is also a good time to add any additional information in the contact card fields that you may want to have on hand for particular contacts. Ensure you have important numbers stored: your kids school, work, roadside assistance, medical offices etc.

Delete the apps you don't use or plan to use. Once you've narrowed down the apps you want and need then organize them. While some people like to have them scattered around (if that works best for you then stick with that) but if not group them according to their function. Utilities, Education, Social, and so on.

While there's a search button feature for emails having a long and unorganized box not only causes your phone to perform at a slower rate but it makes searching a longer task than it should be. Check your Spam to ensure it actually is and then delete it then move onto the Trash to empty that. While it may take a while to go through your primary inbox try to clear it up as much as possible. Once you have a clean slate to work with you can create sub folder categories as well as mark incoming messages accordingly.

This goes for anything that you don't read, watch, or use anymore. Whether it's newsletters, YouTube channels, or monthly subscription boxes if you no longer feel that it's something you enjoy especially if it's a product or service you're spending money on a monthly basis then unsubscribe. You can always subscribe again if you change your mind later on.

Here is another task that may take time to go through but will be worth it in the end. Check your friends list or those you are following and determine if the pages flooding your feed are people or the type of content you want to scroll through. Numbers truly don't matter. Keep up with those that inspire you and motivate you.

To free up space on your phone you can delete pictures and videos and save them elsewhere. It can be done through the Cloud, Google photos, or Dropbox to name a few. Don't forget to delete your deleted photos and videos once you're done.

Now that you've followed all the steps and created more storage space the key to maintaining it is to frequently do a digital detox. It can be done weekly, monthly, or just whenever you feel that it's time. Aside from using your phone "just for fun" take advantage of the capabilities and opportunities that are at your fingertips. Learn, explore, communicate, and create. Start thinking of your phone as a smart tool to maximize productivity and efficiency throughout the day!  

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