Annual National Bird Exhibition

November 26, 2019

Ever since I could recall, birds have always been a part of my life in one way or another. I grew up with a large aviary in our family home. My father liked to breed different types of species so naturally he passed down the same love for birds to my siblings and I.


I recently had the opportunity to attend the Annual National Bird Exhibition, number 71, at Pheasant Run Resort in Charles, Illinois. I attended the event with my family  where I was able to meet the President of the National Bird Show, Gary Morgan, who talked to us about the Canarian Song competition. By the way, the sound of the canaries singing is very interesting to listen to. It’s quite impressive! 





The jury, Eddie Baigg, explained how the competition of the “American Singers” division was carried out and has a criteria to follow. Variety throughout the the song, volume, extension, range, tone, tempo, creativity, among others are taken into consideration to choose the best canary. 


The company Higgins Premium Pet Foods was the one who awarded the “The Best In Division Awards”, according to the jury of the event. In addition to the competition there were several birds to auction and others for sale. Several companies presented their products, others sold birds, cages, toys among other items. 



In Puerto Rico on December 14 and 15, the ProVita-Puerto Rico National Bird Show will take place. Being able to appreciate birds of different races and learn about them was worth attending the show, where I could see some that I had not seen before. 


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