#FLMB: School Uniforms: Do students benefit from wearing uniforms?

July 2, 2019

What are the pros and cons of children wearing uniforms for school?


Did you know that the history of school uniforms originated in the 16th century with charity schools? The goal was to support children who were living in poverty and/or orphans. The reasons as to why uniforms are still used in schools across the world and the styles has transformed over the years but there's one thing that still remains the same...the battle of the advantages and disadvantages.




In my experience as a student who grew up wearing uniforms to now a parent of a child who also wears uniforms I've found the following:




  • School uniforms create uniformity which reduces a peer pressure related to clothing. By requiring students to wear the exact same outfit, even if it's available in a variety of styles (e.g: bermuda shorts, skorts, pants etc.) it removes the distraction of fashion styles. Rather than students creating or maintaining friendships based on fashion brands for popularity reasons it gives them the opportunity to just BE and get to know one another genuinely. 


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