#FLMB: Kids Who Wear Eyeglasses: The Importance of Children’s Eye Health and Care

June 19, 2019

As soon as I noticed that my daughter, who at the time was five years old, was squinting to see from afar I knew it may be due to poor eye vision. Luckily, her annual wellness appointment with her pediatrician was coming up. There the nurse practitioner performed the standard eye vision screening, as they do at every visit starting at 6 months of age. 



(This brief examination by a pediatrician should not substitute an eye exam performed by an optometrist as only they have the advanced training and tools to perform a thorough examination of the eyes and vision.) My daughter passed the eye vision screening at the pediatrician. However; since I mentioned that she had recently started squinting the pediatrician suggested taking her to an optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam which is suggested around age five anyway- just before they start Kindergarten. 


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