#FLMB- Surviving Your Child's First Haircut

June 19, 2019

I never imagined a baby’s first haircut being such an emotional experience…then I became a mom. I wondered if I would have to cut my baby’s first locks early on since I was born with so much hair that my mother’s hairstylist and family friend had to cut my bangs as a newborn. It turns out that both my babies were born with a head full of hair.




Some parents wait until their baby turns one and others, like me, choose to cut their baby’s hair within the first year. Babies can be born bald or with a head full of hair. The rate at which the hair grows varies from child to child so the right time for their first haircut is different for each and every baby. I personally chose to cut my children’s hair because it was getting in their eyes no matter how many times I brushed it to the side (or in my daughter’s case- clipped it with a hair bow).  I also wanted to give their hairstyle a more uniform cut since baby hair tends to grow unevenly. Cutting their hair, even if it’s just the ends, helps it to grow faster and fuller too. In our case, it did! 


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