#FLMB- Essential Self-care for Moms

June 19, 2019

I grew up knowing about self-care because of my mother. We moved from Puerto Rico to Orlando, Florida when I was just four years old. While we made many friends that became family throughout the years our closet relatives were about four hours away. Not having family nearby made it difficult for my mom to have “ME” time. Yet, she made it happen and I believe the way she loved and cared for herself helped her be the best mother she could be to my brother and me.




Whether it was baking and decorating cakes, making soaps and candles, or taking a trip to the spa she always made time for the things that she enjoyed. Not long after I became a mother I realized why my mom practiced self-care and on many occasions made it a point to include me. She was setting a positive example for me…the future mother in me. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with stress and anxiety I think of my mom and how little acts of self-love and care can turn a bad moment or day around. Sometimes it just takes a couple of minutes to disconnect and recharge. Everybody’s schedules and interests are different but if there’s something we all have in common regardless of our lifestyles is that EACH and EVERY mother matters. So how do you make yourself a priority when money is tight and your schedule is chaotic? 


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