Happy Mother's Day!

May 10, 2019

To my grandmothers...


Dear Tata and Mama,


On this Mother's Day I want to say THANK YOU! 


Thank you for being the best grandmothers ever. I think you did a great job raising Papi and Mami but your greatest role is being my TATA and MAMA. I feel lucky to know both my grandmothers. 


Tata- I am your first grandchild and the only girl of the two grandchildren you have. That's pretty cool! The time we spend together is always so special.  I love it when you visit me and I love traveling to Puerto Rico to visit you. I think you are such a cool grandma. I always have so much fun with you. I am also thankful for all the packages you send me. I hope that one day we can live in the same place to spend even more time together. That would be so much fun.




Mama- I am your third grandchild out of five and the youngest girl. Thank you for always making my visits to your house so much fun. I look forward to the weekends I get to visit and sleepover to spend time with you. I love it when you cook for me especially some of my favorites like rice and fried fish with tomatoes on the side. You always come up with something fun for us to do when we spend time together. I love traveling to the Dominican Republic with you and exploring the island together.




You’re amazing! I hope you enjoy your Mother's Day because you deserve it for being the best mothers to my parents and best grandmother to me.


Written with love,

Your granddaughter Jahzel

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