HAPPY 3rd Birthday, Jasaan!

April 10, 2019

It's been THREE years since I gave birth to my youngest child, Jasaan Nasir. What an adventure it has been! Now and always I want you to know and remember this...


I had a feeling you would be my wild child from the first kick I felt. Mi Tormenta Tropical (My Tropical Storm) From then on you turned my womb into some sort of sports facility. You often reminded me that you were growing and preparing me for both your personality and energy. 



While you challenge me each.and.every.day... you've taught me so much about myself, motherhood, and life overall in just three years. I'm so proud of the big boy you've become. You live life to the fullest! While you may give me several scares throughout the day I admire that you believe in yourself, attempt something new, and if you fall you get back up and try again. In two years you've had your fair share of bruises, scrapes, a chipped tooth, and a cast (two to be exact) yet you kept your spirit high. There's no stopping you and I hope that stays the same (minus the accidents- please!) There's so much more to you than just a wild side. You are such a gentlemen with a big heart and beautiful emotions. You always tell and show us how much you love us. You bring so much happiness to our family!


Thank you for surprising me with your life and love. Thank you for choosing me to bring you into the world and guide you alongside your Papi, sister, and the rest of our family that loves you so much.


I hope you have a HAPPY 3rd Birthday and an even better new year of life!


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