#FLMB: Jumpstart Your Week

March 12, 2019

Do you start to suffer from the case of the Monday Blues when Sunday rolls around? I certainly have! It wasn’t until I shifted my mindset and created new habits that I learned to manage my Sunday’s in order to make the best of a new week. 



This is how I do it…


Start off Slow
On Sundays, I take a break from waking up to an alarm…the one on my phone that is. If it’s not the sun then it’s my son I can count on for a wake-up call. Rather than jumping out of bed to tackle my tasks I start off slow and just go with the flow. Living in the moment versus racing against the clock allows me to set the tone for a positive and productive week ahead.


Set Goals
Setting goals is the best way to manage the never-ending to-do list. I sort my list by categories then batch them into a series of daily tasks to work on throughout the week. Having a clear vision of your goals and breaking them down helps to keep you focused and motivated.  


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