Habits for Success

January 18, 2019

My definition of success has changed throughout the years. I've learned to focus more on the journey rather than the destination. Success is not found in the things we have but the things we do. Success is not just about what you want to achieve within a month, a year, or five years. It is about your every day life as you develop both on a personal and professional level through inspiration, motivation, and action.


Here's a list of the habits I've created that have helped me feel and be successful...


Prepare for the next day the night before (outfit, purse, meals)

Wake up before everyone else 

Drink water with lemon on an empty stomach 

Take a ginger shot



Eat a light breakfast rather than a heavy one

Snack throughout the day

Drink a smoothie for extra fruits, veggies, and protein

Get active (Walk outdoors, 15 minute workout routine)



Tidy up before you get in bed

Give yourself at least 15 minutes of ME time

Freshen up before bed (skincare routine, moisturize your face and body)

Rest and reflect before sleep 



Stop waiting for Monday, a new month, or even a new year to start working on you and your goals. The little steps we take on a daily basis add up and ultimately lead up to checking off our to do list and goal. Put in the work each and every day and you will find success. 


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