The Five Dimensions Of Self-Care

November 29, 2018

Before I became a big believer of self-care I thought it was just a trend or a treat. Kind of like a reward women and/or moms would give themselves every now and then. I'm sure that you've heard the saying, "You can't pour out of an empty cup". Well, it took feeling empty to understand that saying and the meaning as well as the process of self-care. 


Self-care can be described as a series of activities or practice that's incorporated into a daily, weekly, or monthly routine. Self-care however; is much more than healthy habits such as taking your vitamins or going for a walk for example. There's a lot that goes into loving and taking care of yourself...entirely. 



Did you know that there are several dimensions to self-care? Here are my top five...


  1. Mental

  2. Spiritual

  3. Emotional

  4. Physical 

  5. Social


Mental self-care revolves around your mindset. It has to do with your desire and pursuit to learn and grow. There are many ways to stimulate your mind including reading, writing, and listening to music. Spiritual self-care is based on your beliefs and values. It has to do with the way you nourish your soul. For some people, like myself, it may be practiced by being outdoors and connecting with nature or volunteering with an organization.



As for Emotional self-care, it involves being aware of your emotions and feelings and being in tune with them.  Physical self-care revolves around your health habits. From staying on top of your medical check-ups to creating and maintaining habits that boost your energy and increase your self-esteem. Social self-care involves having a support system to be a part of and turn to. Surrounding yourself with positive and productive people makes life's journey much more enjoyable.


Let's face it. Incorporating acts of self-care into your already busy schedule isn't easy. However; when you finally view yourself as the priority that you are, your perspective shifts gears and so does your day. That's when loving and taking care of yourself...all aspects of added to the very top of your to-do list.

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