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November 16, 2018

Skincare is something I learned about early on in life. Before I was introduced to any brand, product, or routine I learned that the things we drink and eat play a big role in how our skin feels and looks. I also learned that some of those things can be combined and applied to our face as a mask.  As a little girl, I enjoyed researching the benefits of each ingredient and creating different combinations of face masks. With time I went on to create different scrubs and moisturizers too.



I recently shared some of these memories with my daughter Jahzel and niece Rosy (that are around the same age I was when I started to creating my own face masks). They thought it was so cool that they decided to create their very own face masks. You can watch their DIY face mask tutorial HERE.


Here are the face masks the girls made and some of the many benefits for each ingredient.


Jahzel's Mask 




Fresh (cooled) coffee grounds incorporated into a base has several benefits that include smooth skin, reduced eye puffiness, improved circulation, and if used consistently it may even reduce cellulite. 


Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is so versatile. Some of the ways it benefits the skin is for by reducing dry-skin and wrinkles. It also works as an anti-inflammatory. 


Cocoa powder

Since cocoa powder is rich in antioxidants it works to plump the skin cells and fight premature wrinkles. It protects and repairs the skin against redness and blemishes. 


Rosy's Mask




Oats helps to reduce itching and inflammation. Oatmeal softens and moisturizes the skin and it can also balance out the amount of oil in your skin which may reduce acne. 



Bananas help the skin glow. The vitamins C and E found in bananas helps to maintain a natural and youthful appearance. 



Honey is naturally an antibacterial therefore, it's great for acne prevention and treatments. It is also known to reduce the appearance of aging. Honey also works to soothe and moisturize giving your skin a boost and glow. 


Before tossing out foods look into the benefits it may have and create your own mask, scrub, or moisturizer. It's a fun way to bond with your daughters/nieces and pamper yourself too!

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