Mind Over Matter

November 3, 2018

When your mind is all over the place your life usually tends to be too. 


I've been a perfectionist for as long as I can remember. It's something I considered to be a good quality but with time I learned that it can easily trigger stress and anxiety. I feel my best when my day revolves around organization and productivity. Realistically, each and every day is not going to consist of both...sometimes neither.  When you're a perfectionist it can be challenging to accept change, even the smallest move can throw you off in a big way. 


After years of putting unnecessary pressure on myself I came to the realization that being a perfectionist was taking away more than it was adding on. I learned that my mindset played a big role in my day to day life. Rather than focusing on trying to control the uncontrollable I began to put that energy into myself. I knew that in order to create and maintain a positive mind I needed to take care of my thoughts and not just occasionally but on a daily basis. 



I decided to start meditating. Daily meditation is so beneficial. There are numerous studies that support this. Many of the articles I've read all link meditation to some of the following: stress and anxiety relief, protection against mental and health conditions, helps to process emotions, increased brain activity (new ideas, rapid memory recall, and creativity), as well as reversing the aging process to name a few.


I quickly learned how such a minor act of self- love/care can make a major impact in my life. I've read about and even heard many stories about how meditation slowly but surely shifts your perspective on life and in turn improves the quality of it. However; like many others I didn't think that I had time nor patience for it. Nonetheless I made it my mission to educate myself on it and dedicate a least five minutes of my day to meditating.


It's now been almost a month and not only have I felt and seen a difference but my family has too. Instead of allowing my thoughts and emotions to build up I breathe through them. I still have to literally stop myself and breathe to prevent any negativity from taking over...baby steps. I find satisfaction in having the power to chose how to react to people and situations. I chose to be happy and at peace. It's a daily practice that I know will become second nature with time.

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