A Fractured Tibia at Two

October 11, 2018

My heart has been skipping beats since the moment Jasaan started walking. In a matter of just two years he's already had many (minor) bumps and bruises...in addition to a chipped tooth. Nothing stops him though. He gets back up and keeps going. 


Jasaan's been jumping on the trampoline just about every week for months now. Considering that the chances of a bump or bruise are much higher while jumping, with a safety net and all, I watch him like a hawk each and every time he jumps. A month ago, he was jumping with my daughter and their cousin. I stepped inside to grab his cup of water while my mother-in-law supervised the kids. The moment I stepped outside he yelled, "Mami!" I ran towards him and jumped into the trampoline. I checked him from head to toe but it didn't appear as though he was injured. He just wanted to be held for the rest of the evening. The next morning I noticed that he didn't want to stand up much less walk...he couldn't! We took him to the Emergency room where the doctor checked his legs. The x-rays showed that Jasaan had a fractured tibia on his left leg.



He went home with a soft cast and instructions to follow-up with an orthopedic within the next three to five days. Luckily, the orthopedic's office was able to squeeze him in for an appointment the very next day. Several x-rays later Jasaan was fitted for his cast. Soon after he chose the color red for his cast the nurse began to wrap his leg from above his knee all the way down to his foot, only leaving his toes out. The doctor later checked his cast and asked the nurse to redo...it turns out that it was wrapped incorrectly by just a little, which made a big difference. So off with the first cast and on with second one. This time he chose the color blue. As I carried him to get his leg wrapped for the second time I held back the tears. I was upset that my little boy had to go through this...a fractured tibia, x-rays, putting a cast on to have it removed just minutes after, and replaced with another...but at the same time I was proud of how brave he was being. Jasaan just observed in silence. In that moment I knew that everything was going to be okay. It could have been worse and I was going to do my best to make it better for him as he recovered.  



Fast-forward to a little over a month now (a looong month) the cast is off! It was a slow yet steady recovery. Our day to day changed drastically. As a family, we did whatever we could to keep things as normal as possible. The first days were the most challenging.  Some evenings called for sandwiches as dinner, catching up on work late at night, and putting household chores on hold for days and even weeks. I've been reminded that life is full of surprises and how quickly things can change from one moment to another. No matter how much we try there is so much that is out of our control. It's the way we react to situations that determines how we get through and come out of them. From this I've learned to just go with the flow. 


Jasaan's attitude from the time he was injured all throughout his recovery is admirable. Thankfully, his fractured tibia was a minor accident that he was able to recover from. Life is slowly but surely going back to the way it was as we work to fully heal his leg.

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