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August 10, 2018

I found myself rolling my health goals over from one Monday to the next, month after month. Recently, I started to feel more sluggish than ever. I was eating whatever I wanted...whenever I wanted. I consider the way that I eat to be healthy. No meat or dairy and I keep processed foods to a minimum. However, this summer I consumed more refined carbs than I typically do, sometimes even late at night which made digesting harder and my metabolism slow down. I also stopped walking around my neighborhood and doing an at-home exercise routine. So there was no balance for those moments or days I didn't eat properly. Food plays a major role in the way we look but more importantly in the way we feel. I knew that in order to feel and see a change I needed to do a detox and reset both my mind and body.


In the spirit of my 30th birthday being nine months away I challenged myself to take a three day all natural juice cleanse to kick off a health and fitness plan that I could commit to afterwards. There are many benefits in the fruits and vegetables alone. Even more so when they are blended into a juice or smoothie without any added sugars.




Here is my daily diary of the three day juice cleanse challenge...


Wednesday, August 1st|Day 1

I'm used to starting each morning with a cup of black coffee (without sugar). Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so replacing food with a beverage was challenging. However, the juice gave me a boost of energy and filled me up for much longer than I expected. I tend to snack in between meals but after drinking the breakfast juice I didn't crave anything, I drank a lot of water instead. I felt focused throughout the day. I was able to get so much done both with work and around the house with little to no stress and anxiety. Once dinner time came around I drank my juice but felt hungry and I think that was due to cooking- for my kids. I feel as though if I had not needed to prepare food it would have been one of those out of sight/out of mind situations. Instead of giving into temptation I drank water with a freshly squeezed lime. I went to bed wishing I could munch on something sweet and crunchy but the feeling of keeping my word to myself and following through with my goal all day felt much sweeter than any chocolate treat I would have typically snacked on late at night.


Thursday, August 2nd|Day 2

I slept so well! Despite not sleeping a full 8 hours, which I usually don't do and need to work on, I woke up when the alarm went off, stretched, and felt so refreshed. I was less bloated and more energized. I'm sure that skipping the late night snack had something to do with it. I also noticed a difference in my skin. It was much more hydrated with a hint of a natural glow. While I craved a black cup of coffee I didn't feel the urge to eat breakfast, or in this case, drink the breakfast juice, right away. Instead I drank several cups of water and had the first juice much later, almost around the time I would typically have my mid-morning snack. Today was more mental and spiritual than anything. My mindset was on it's way back to a positive place. I found so much inspiration and motivation, which I was lacking before I started the juice cleanse, so I took advantage of this and got organized. I planned my meals to break fast and for the entire week to follow as well as a fitness plan. Like Day 1, the most challenging part was having food in front of me to cook and serve my kids. Nonetheless, I got past the temptation and drank more water to get me through it.


Friday, August 3rd|Day 3

The good vibes were still going today. My spirits were lifted as far as starting and sticking to a healthy and fitness journey. I felt much happier and healthier. I realized that the choices I make when it comes to the food I eat impacts me in every way, shape, and form. Absorbing all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables all day for three days helped my mind and body reset in a way. While I wasn't necessarily hungry I spent a lot of the day looking forward to taking a bite of food the next day. Losing weight in three days wasn't a priority but I did want to use the juice cleanse as a jump start to get physically fit so it was motivating to feel more comfortable in my clothes and see a minimal yet noticeable difference.


                                   Watch the video for recipes and results here



For me, starting and finishing the juice cleanse was mind over matter. I was seeking to become stronger, mentally, more than anything. I wanted to regain my self-control when it came to snacking, especially late at night. I realized that it's important for me to take care of myself now in order to create and maintain happy and healthy habits throughout my life. Keeping my word to myself is just as important, if not more, than keeping my word with others. This is only the beginning of my self- love and care journey to get mentally, spiritually, and physically right!



Do the juice cleanse with someone

Prep all of your fruits and veggies before you start juicing

Meal prep for your kids so you don't struggle with temptation 

Keep a diary 

Take a before and after picture (I forgot to do it!)

Ease back into food after completing the juice cleanse

Commit to making smarter choices moving forward- track your progress any way that works for you.



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