Hurricane Season With Pets

August 7, 2018




As we prepare for the hurricane season it is very important to take our pets into consideration. It is recommended to have food for our pets for at least three to seven days. It should be stored in a closed waterproof container to keep it fresh. The same goes for water to ensure that they do not consume contaminated water. Also, if your pet is under any medication keep an extra supply in a waterproof bag or container.






It's important to have your pets collar with the identification plate on hand. Keep their medical records secured but accessible, also keep a photo of your pet in a plastic bag. In case of an emergency it is much easier to evacuate with your pet if you have a cage to transport them. Pack everything you may need such as newspaper, paper towels, floor pads, any of the essentials you use for their hygiene.



Remember to pack some of the things such as toys that your pet enjoys playing with or that brings them comfort. This may prevent them from feeling fear and keep them calm during a hurricane. Planning what you should do in an emergency when you have a pet is very important. I hope that you never have to resort to an emergency plan or supplies however, it is best to be prepared. Always consult with your veterinarian as the doctor will know what is best for your pet too. 


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