Facebook "Boost Your Business" Seminar

July 24, 2018

In the past, to publicize a product or service you had to hire an advertising agency to create the advertisement for radio, print, television and then the internet came about. It required a whole team to do a job of seconds and lots of money. Although there are still many advertisement agencies today you can produce your own promotion of a product, service, and even publicize a company using the tools offered by social networks.

I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and saw that they were going to offer a seminar in San, Juan Puerto Rico hosted by experts from their team. I immediately registered as it was free. The speaker was Deborah Galindo. She informed us that 28% of the world population is on Facebook. It serves for much more than just social engagement. Everything has evolved with the use of mobile, now you can create a 360• video to demonstrate a product and advertise it. 



Security Tips on Facebook:

  • Password must have 6 characters in combination of uppercase and lowercase with a number...this prevents the chances of being hacked.

  • Control, that's what you have. We share what we want and may find useful to our business and brands.

  • Report offensive content.

  • Start and close the format of the page rather than leaving it open.

What should you do as administrator of your page?

You should have captivating content, show what interests you most. Something your page should have is a logo and a cover photo, in which you can also include a video. For the content itself, you must be creative. What is your business objective? It can be boost web traffic or position a brand for example. You should not use more than 90 characters since people are more visual.


Facebook Live is another way of publishing and advertising. You can go live for a more personal description of your content, engage existing and potential customers, as well as have fun with business. Instagram (Facebook's right hand) is another platform in the world of social networks that is considered to be much simpler because it is more visual since you work the scenario with coherence and you use filters and hashtags, directing the attention with structure. We also have the Instagram Stories, a very useful tool to introduce a product and promote it.


No matter what social media platform you want to use the world revolves around technology and with these two platforms: Facebook or Instagram it makes it easier for us to run many aspects of our business from advertisement to sales. 



Thanks to the Facebook team for taking a day for us and for offering the "Boost Your Business" seminar in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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