The Last Little Passports Trip

July 13, 2018

We made it to the end of our trip to different countries around the world with Little Passports! Our last stop is Australia. My Little Passport pen pals Sofia and Sam arrived in the Australian Outback. It's a dry area in the middle of the continent where you can find animals like the camel, dingo, and kangaroo there. 


The next stop was The Sydney Barbour bridge, a famous Australian landmark. The Sydney Barbour bridge is also known as  “the coat hanger” because of it’s hanger-like shape. I learned so many things about Australia. The unofficial national bird is the Emu. You may already know that the national animal is a red kangaroo but did you know that the national flower is a golden wattle? It's a very pretty flower!



I also learned about Boomerangs. I actually have one! Boomerangs come in many shapes and sizes. The most interesting fact that I learned is that not all of them come back to you. Boomerangs are used for several different activities such as digging, hunting, and as a sport. 


This months souvenir was a Scratch Kit. It brings 3 Australia scratch cards, 2 drawing tools, and 1 scratch sticker sheet. The activity book has a cross word puzzle of Australian animal names and a coloring activity of the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest reef system in the world. The other activity is the Aussie Marsupial fact sheet to learn the names and connect the clues to the matching images of the mammals. 


If you are hungry for some Australian culture you can try the Lamington recipe. It’s a traditional Australian dessert. A small cake coated in chocolate then rolled in dried coconut. There’s even a national Lamington day celebrated on July 21st. That's how famous it is!



I enjoyed learning about Australia and all the other countries that made part of my Little Passports-World Edition subscription box. Which country was your favorite?

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