July 9, 2018

I remember having to restock on dinnerware sets often when my daughter was younger. Either the paint would fade and even chip off or the beverages and foods I served would stain to the point that it needed to be thrown out. Now that I’m back to round two of toddlerhood with youngest child, who happens to be a total foodie, I’m so happy that I finally found a brand I love. KiddoBloom.


The KiddoBloom brand offers a hand-crafted stainless steel utensil and dinnerware collection set for babies, toddlers, and "kiddos". 

Aside from the elegant stainless steel look, there are many reasons why I am a fan of the KiddoBloom products. 




With the KiddoBloom products you don't have to worry about the things we dread when it comes to up keeping our kids dinnerware sets. Things like trapped food, mold, mildew, beverage/food odor, or greasy residue. Each piece is easy to wash, by hand or in the dishwasher. While the products may appear heavy from the stainless steel finish they are light and easy for little ones to manage as the products are designed to reduce sliding and tipping over. They are durable and can resist drops to the floor, in the event that you're kiddo is feeling athletic and throws it, without causing any scratches or dents. 


The KiddoBloom products are designed for healthy food portions. They are also designed for babies, toddlers, and kids to manage independently as they bloom over time.



As for my son Jasaan's favorite thing about KiddoBloom, it would have to be the packaging and the crafty engraving on each of his KiddoBloom utensil and dinnerware piece. He has the Fire Truck design. There are several other designs to choose from such as an Airplane, Frog, Little Princess, and an Education Series. KiddoBloom is sure to be a hit in the kitchen for you and the kiddo(s) in your life! 


Shop the collection on Amazon. Click the links to 


KiddoBloom Utensil Set 

KiddoBloom Dinnerware Set




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