Toddlers and Teething

June 22, 2018

Teething...a bittersweet experience for moms. While those pearly whites is one of the milestones in our baby’s life that we look forward to the most it’s also a difficult one due to the discomfort and pain that our baby’s feel before and during the teething process.



One day, out of nowhere my son opened his mouth and said "Teeth hurt". That same night he came down with a fever, the second he's ever had since he was born. It was then that I realized that he was teething again. His molars were making their way!


Thankfully, teething this time around has been somewhat easier. Now as a teething toddler with molars on the way he’s been able to express himself and tell me when and where, exactly, it bothers him or hurts. It’s been helpful but it still doesn’t take away the discomfort and pain he’s felt in his gums. For moments like those I’ve turned to the following remedies to soothe my son while teething...


Warm Bath

Sometimes something as simple as a bath can feel so soothing. Even for us adults. Sitting my son in the bathtub with warm water, bath salts, and a few of his favorite bath toys has proven to calm him down and distract him from feeling uncomfortable for a while.


Essential Oils

I’ve found essential oils both diffused and rubbed on to be a natural and effective way to sooth my son. My favorite combination to diffuse is Lavender and Eucalyptus and to rub on around the jawline Frankincense and Chamomile. 


Honey or Coconut oil on Gums

Instead of using teething gels I prefer to rub Honey or Coconut oil on my sons gums. It just takes a tiny drop to gently rub over the gums. It always appears to sooth him within seconds and unlike the traditional teething gels its natural and the taste is much more pleasant.


Amber necklace

I was hesitant about this. The first thing that came to mind when I came across it online was choking hazard but after doing my research and reading reviews I felt confident and comfortable purchasing one for my son in replacement of a plastic teething toy. The Amber necklace has so many properties and benefits. It boosts the immune system, reduces fevers, helps with pain relief and as an anti-inflammatory to name a few.



Chamomile cloth and Frozen pops 

You may already know that Chamomile is a go to for colds and insomnia. There are so many other things that Chamomile can help with, like teething. I just dip a small bath towel in Chamomile tea, allow it to cool, and give it to my toddler to chew so the tea rubs on his gums. I've also made Chamomile tea and Honey flavored ice pops for him to suck on as a sweet and soothing treat.



It's always best to consult teething remedies with your child's pediatrician.  


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