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June 13, 2018


I consider organization to be one of my stronger characteristics. That doesn’t mean that I’m always organized though. I do try however; to constantly stay on top of things. My secret to wearing many hats is in the systems I implement to organize myself. 


Like many people, I use my phone, it’s features and apps as well as a planner. I also use the Cinch Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar for the refrigerator.  The board includes four Fine Tip Markers with a small eraser on the cap and Large Eraser. Each of the accessories are magnetic so you don’t have to waste time looking for a marker when something comes to mind and you want to add it to the calendar or worry about misplacing them. 




I’ve been using the Cinch for almost a year now and the quality of the board, markers, and eraser are still in great shape. While most dry erase boards require scrubbing due to marker stains the Cinch can be wiped off easily and doesn’t look messy after being used. Since the markers are fine tip they work well to write down all of your important dates. Each marker has an eraser on the cap in case you need to erase a smaller mistake or you can just use the large eraser.



I love the Cinch and highly recommend it for so many reasons. It helps to reduce the use of paper by replacing your paper calendar with a dry erase calendar. You can make changes to an important date without having to scratch over to re-write, and since it’s on the fridge...a place everyone stands in front of several times a day... you’ll never miss an important date so you and your family will be on the same page. 


Go to Amazon to purchase your own Cinch Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar. 

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