Wives and Mothers-in-Law

May 25, 2018

Comedy TV shows and movies often portray Mothers-in-law as monsters. Most story lines show two women fighting over one man for their love and attention...the mother-in-law judging her son's wife about how she dresses and takes care of him and their home. Meanwhile, the daughter-in-law complains to her husband about his mother for just about everything and counts down the time until she leaves from the moment she arrives. It sounds more like Horror than Comedy, right? 



Bringing the bride and groom's family together takes much more than a wedding for it to happen. Some people say that when you marry your spouse you also marry their entire family, or at least the in-laws. Not only did I get lucky in love because I found a good man to share my life with but I married into a family that I love as if they were my own. I have a great relationship with my mother-in-law! She welcomed me into her family with open arms even before we were officially in-laws. She made it easy for us to get to know each other and create a friendship that has blossomed to be much like a mother-daughter relationship throughout the years.


There shouldn't be a competition when it comes to a man's mother and his wife. Each woman holds an important title and plays a big role in a his life. Just like it's important to continue having a relationship with your parents after marriage it's also important to establish and maintain a relationship with your in-laws as well. Like with any other relationship, the one with in-laws takes time and effort to build. My mother-in-law and I have managed to achieve a happy and healthy balance throughout the years that's helped us learn, grow, and strengthen our bond with love and respect. 




My mother-in-law has set a great example for me for when my children grow up and find the person they choose to share their lives with. I'm so thankful for my her, for bringing my husband into the world and raising him to be the man that he is, but more importantly for embracing me as much more than just her son's wife and as her third child. 


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