Gifts of Love and Life

May 11, 2018

I'll admit it, I'm not a good gift giver. I know that the point of Mother's day and any other occasion that calls for a gift is to shower our mother's and loved ones with LOVE. It can be in the form of quality time and/or a gift as a thank you to our mom for all that she's done and continues doing well after we're all grown up. Aside from choosing a gift that your mother will like and put to use focus on creating a special moment and not just on special days or occasions but as often as possible. Make the most of your time with your mom, whether it's on the phone if you're apart or in person.



Since becoming a mother it's been easier to appreciate both gift giving and receiving. For me, it isn't about the fancy gift bag nor whatever's inside of it like it may have been when I was younger. The gifts I treasure the most to this day are the ones my daughter has created for me and the special moments she's planned and put together with my husband for me to enjoy. Sure, being pampered is something we want, need, and deserve as mothers. Don't get me wrong, I'll never say no to a Spa day but with time I've learned to love and appreciate the moments that may become rare once my children are all grown up and in their own homes. 




I could suggest a long list of things to buy your mother but the internet has hundreds of pages with gift guides for Mother's Day and just about any other holiday as it is. Only you know what she'll truly enjoy unwrapping. If you're anything like me when it comes to finding the perfect gift, my suggestion is to keep it simple but special. It truly is the thought that counts. Put your heart into it. It goes much further than your wallet ever will. So along with whatever you end up buying for your mother this year, remember to express your love and appreciation and continue to do so all year long. 




A mother never stops giving, no matter how old she and her children get. Some of the best gems passed down to us by our mothers are those of love and life. Here are five of the many gifts of love and life that my mother has gifted me that I will pass onto my children...


1) LOVE, RESPECT, and PREPARE yourself 


2) BELIEVE in yourself


3) Stay HUMBLE as you grow and get further in life


4) Keep your FAMILY close no matter how far you may be


5) Focus on the PEOPLE in your life rather than the THINGS in your life

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