29 Lessons I Learned In My Twenties

May 3, 2018


I was just twenty years old a minute ago. Or so it feels like it... Now I'm just days away from turning twenty-NINE. The last of my twenties! I used to think that my twenties was a time to get my life together so that by the time I turned thirty everything would be in it's place. Just as I planned. Funny, right? I've learned so many life lessons throughout the past nine years, specifically, of my life. One that continues to stand out is- Find the beauty in EVERYTHING. It may be difficult in the moment but with time it becomes easier to learn, accept, and even love everything that's become.


Here are 29 lessons I learned throughout my twenties...

  1. Work on the qualities you have that will last in life. 

  2. Meditate. Protect your energy.

  3. Don't take things personally. 

  4. Eliminate meat and diary from your diet.

  5. Travel as much as you can. Choose experiences over material items.

  6. Switch jobs if the one you have doesn't make you happy. 

  7. Be grateful, every step of the way.

  8. Invest in things that will generate another or several streams of income.

  9. Stay informed about what's happening in the world. 

  10. Don't let anyone nor any situation ruin your day.

  11. Create your own opportunities.

  12. Find your gift(s) and develop them.

  13. Choose quality over quantity.

  14. Focus on Positivity rather than Negativity.

  15. Believe in yourself.

  16. Invest in your health. Take care of your mind and body.

  17. Take more pictures. Capture the moments.

  18. Treat yourself to something special every now and then. 

  19. You're the only one who can make yourself happy.

  20. It's never to late to go after what you want in life.

  21. Network. Build your tribe.

  22. Live in the moment while planning for the future.

  23. Don't be so hard on yourself.

  24. Minimalize. Less is truly more. 

  25. Don't overshare with others things like you next move, money, or love life.

  26. Set financial goals and work on achieving them.

  27. Trust your instincts, they'll never fail you.

  28. Start now, don't wait for later to take action and work on a goal.

  29. Learn new skills and work to master them.



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