Inno Gear Diffuser

April 24, 2018

Essential Oils have so many benefits and uses. Diffusing essential oils is a great way of practicing aromatherapy. I've been using the Inno Gear and it's completely changed the way I feel from morning to night. 


The Inno Gear is a light-weight diffuser with a 150ml capacity. It's so simple to use. I just fill it up with water using the measuring cup that is included, drop in the essential oil(s) of my choice, and press the Mist button. One of my favorite features is the mist setting. It has two working modes: Intermittent and Continuous. The green light is for Intermittent mist, which releases mist every 30 seconds. This setting works for about 9-11 hours. The red light is for the Continuous mist which releases mist until you change the working mode or the water runs out. This setting works for about 7-9 hours. 



The Inno Gear purifies the air and humidifies the room preventing it from feeling dry and stuffy. It also fills up my space with fragrance which works wonders mentally and spiritually. This comes in handy since I work with my toddler by my side. It helps boost my energy levels and relieve stress. My son actually finds it so entertaining because it has a 7 changing mood light setting. He likes to call out the colors as they change from Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Green, Dark and Light Blue. You may however; set it on the color of your choice. My daughter uses the Inno Gear diffuser as a night light, the Lights only is the third working mode. It can be adjusted between a bright and dim setting.



For any busy moms who forget to turn things off (myself included) the Inno Gear diffuser automatically shuts off when the water runs out. It's also portable so you can take it all throughout the house. The Inno Gear is great to have for your own well-being but it also makes the perfect gift for anyone who is into natural living. You can find it here.








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