The Gift That Gave me LIFE

April 20, 2018




My first pregnancy was at 19 years old. It was a big shock to my family and friends. I found out I was pregnant in my second trimester, just in time to know that we were expecting a GIRL. It was all happening so fast. It felt as though one minute I was finding out I was going to be a mother and the next I was on my way to the hospital to bring my baby girl into the world. A lot happened before the big day though. So much changed...






A lot of people around me began to look at me differently and judge me, sometimes to my face but more often behind my back. I parted ways with many of the people who I considered friends. It was a time in our lives to be free yet prepare ourselves for what usually comes much later in life so while they moved on to be and do just that I fast-forwarded my life and began to prepare for what was already happening. 


My first and second pregnancy were day and night in every way shape and form...a lot of it had to do with the age difference between the two. With my first, I felt sick a lot more and I think what I ate then (meat and diary) had a lot to do with it. I gave into every craving. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I didn't exercise yet I only gained about 15 to 20 pounds in total, if that. We actually had to wait until the month of my due date to do a pregnancy photo shoot because my bump wasn't in full effect until then.


At my last appointment, two days before my due date, Jahzel was head down but I was no where near being ready so my doctor scheduled to induce me for the following weekend if nothing changed throughout the week. The next day I woke up to have breakfast as usual. I took one bite of my bagel and felt a sharp pain. Then another and another. I called my doctor's office and was advised to go to the hospital. When we arrived I was only two centimeters dilated so my team of doctor/nurses did not think I needed to stay and instructed me to go home. I was nervous and at this point in a lot of pain, even at just two centimeters, so there was no way I was going to get back in the car and go home to just have to turn around later that day or the next. I convinced them to admit me and we got the show on the road.



Fifteen hours later, Jahzel made her way into the world on her due date which happens to be Earth day. It was truly love at first sight. In that moment I realized that she came into my life a little earlier than expected for a reason. I knew that she'd be the inspiration and motivation to provide her with the life she deserves. It's been nine years since my life changed forever. I spent all of my twenties with a little girl by my side. In a way it feels like we've grown up together. She was there for college, job interviews, and even starting our very own blog to share with the world.


Sometimes I wonder how that 19 year old girl got so lucky. Maybe it wasn't luck. Perhaps it's just the way it was suppose to be. Becoming a young mom was a blessing in disguise then that's so clear to me now. I can't imagine experiencing life any other way much less with anyone else.





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