Taking the FSA

April 19, 2018

This week I took the last of my four part FSA (Florida Standards Assessments). It’s a state test that’s been said to be important since the 3rd grade open house, at every parent teacher conference, and again and again in the classroom. I felt nervous once we started to practice for the FSA in class because everyone from the teachers to the students were making it seem like a BIG deal. It plays a part in passing the 3rd grade so I guess it is but my parents told me to treat it like any other test. So I did and I really think that helped. 



Do you want to know what else helped me feel confident while taking the most important test of the school year? Check out my tips and share with your kids for their next test...



Read & Write

It helps to read all year long. Even comic books every now and then. I've made a habit of reading a little each day. By reading I'm expanding my knowledge and vocabulary. Sometimes I read and struggle to understand so writing helps to break the story down and put it all together again. It's also good practice for any written test.



My teacher worked with us in class for several months to prepare for the FSA so we would know what to expect. Having an idea of what the test looks like and what type of questions I would have to answer made me feel less nervous. It's important to pay attention, ask questions, and even take notes.



Sleep & Eat

Get a good night's rest the night before. Each section of the test is 1 hour and 20 minutes so you want to be awake and alert. Drinking water with lemon along with a healthy breakfast before heading out to school gives you a boost of energy and helps to stay focused during the test. The teacher will have snacks but take your own just in case.


Believe in yourself 

Think positive. Put your best to the test. Take your time and answer the questions you know first. 





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