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April 16, 2018

It wasn't too long ago that I was wondering "What if?" or saying "I should have done this or that". There was a time in my life that I was so focused on getting from point A to B when it came to my goals that I forgot to enjoy the process, the part that we learn and grow from the most. Everything changes and sometimes falls apart when you forget WHY you're working towards accomplishing a goal. Distractions and judgment from others is inevitable so it's important to go after something that you're passionate about and committed to. Dwelling on the past and feeling frustrated about the future isn't going to take you back nor move you forward. Once you believe in yourself and your dream then you're capable of designing the life you want. This is how I'm working on it...





Lately, I've been making more time for myself. It's usually late at night after the kids are asleep and the house is as cleaned and organized as it's going to get. I sit at my work station and before I begin to brainstorm and blog I meditate. I reflect on my day and acknowledge my thoughts and feelings. Then I proceed to set my daily goals for the next day and track my progress on some of my short and long term goals. This helps to know what my next move should be and create a strategy to work on it.


Envision it

I went through a phase where I felt lost. I knew I was meant to do more in life but I wasn't sure what that entailed exactly. I came up with what I thought were a lot of good ideas, some of which I started to develop but never finished. It took self-love and doing the knowledge to becoming a more positive and productive person to gain the confidence I needed to start and actually stick with something I felt passionate about...this is when Dimelo Mami was born. I realized that only I have the power to design the life that I want by envisioning it and working towards creating it.



Work on yourself

We all have flaws. My problem was that I was focusing on them too much. I was getting in my own way by self doubting my ability to create an opportunity that I knew would change my train of thought and way of being. Working on myself and what I consider be a flaw(s) is a work in progress and it probably will be for the rest of my life, after all, we are constantly learning and growing as we age. Acknowledgment and Action is key to a positive transformation.


Appreciate your attributes

One of the ways I was able to let go of the negativity that wasn't allowing me to reach my full potential was by switching focus to the good in and around me. It was challenging at first perhaps because as humans we tend to oversee and even take for granted our attributes. I learned that my organizational skills is one of my stronger qualities so I began to apply organization in my day for specific goals like becoming a blogging. Once a flow formed it became easier to open my eyes to all the other positive attributes that are either already a part of me or want to work to attain.


Break (Bad) and Create (Good) habits

Whenever I want to let go of something that I feel isn't doing any good for me, like consuming too much sugar, I work on the task at hand for 21 days. While developing a habit in just three weeks has been said to be a myth it's a method that always worked for me. By the time day 21 comes around I'm usually so invested in what I'm trying to achieve and already noticing a positive impact that I'm inspired and motivated to continue. It's just an easier way to track my progress and stay focused.


Build your tribe

I've always been one to have a small yet strong circle of people in my life. If there is ever a time I'm thankful for my lack of patience it's when it comes to toxic people. I don't waste my time nor energy on people that that don't want to uplift themselves nor those around them. I know just how difficult it is to close the door on people you care for because I've had to do it but it's even more difficult to live your best life while they are dragging you down with their negativity. Creating and maintaining connections with those who are constantly working on themselves and willing to build with you are the types of relationships we should strive to find and keep.





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