Little Passports- Let's explore Japan!

April 12, 2018

This month, my Little Passport pen pals traveled to Japan. Japan seems like such an interesting Country. It’s been one of my favorites that I’ve explored so far. The first stop was Tsukiji which is the biggest fish market in the world. It’s located in Tokyo. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. 



Sushi is from Japan and it’s well known world-wide. I love Sushi! My family and I have even made our own at home with a Sushi kit. My favorite souvenir from Japan is the sushi eraser. I also received an origami kit with paper and instructions to create my own paper folding art. 


I learned that Mt. Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain and most famous volcano. I read that the last time it erupted was back in 1707. I also learned about the Himeji Castle. It’s the largest and most visited castle in the country. 




The Japan edition activity book was filled with information. You may already know that the national language is Japanese and the flag is white with a red circle in the middle. Did you know that the national flower is Cherry Blossom and the national fish is a Koi? 


So many people create Bento box meals. I even have one I use for school sometimes. Well, that’s a Japanese tradition. Traditional Bento boxes are divided into four parts: rice, meat or fish, vegetables, and a sweet treat. Speaking of sweets, Dorayaki is one of the most famous sweet snacks of Japan. It’s made of two honey-flavored pancakes with a sweet filling. It’s usually a red bean paste that is used but the recipe suggests other fillings so you can create your own with whatever filling you like best. I think I’ll go for Nutella! 





In the activity book there’s also a guide to create a Koinobori craft (kites) it’s a traditional decoration that’s used for Children’s day, celebrated every year on May 5th. Now that's a cool holiday!


I really enjoyed learning about the country of Japan. I hope you did too! 


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