Power XL Air Fryer

April 9, 2018

Fried food can be so hard to resist. Especially when plantains, is a staple side dish and even a main entree in many Caribbean households like mine. I wanted to pursue a healthier lifestyle and knew that cutting back on the fried foods was the starting point so we purchased the Power XL Air Fryer. This pod is simple to use, clean, and store. I can make my favorite foods without having to worry about the scent of oil and fried food in my hair, on my clothes, or in the air. It also cuts down the “frying” time by a substantial amount. I use the air fryer several times a week for so many different recipes. You can even bake with it!




There are multiple presets for temperature and time or you can manually set the temperature from 180 degrees up to 400 degrees and set the amount of time you need from 1 to 59 minutes. The Power XL Air Fryer comes with an accessory kit including a Baking insert, Pizza Pan, a Divider to cook two different foods at once and Cooking Tongs. 





The trick in successfully cooking food in the Power XL Air Fryer is to simply experiment. Use the manual that's included because it provides suggested cooking temperatures and times for several foods as well as recipes. 







I highly recommend the Power XL Air Fryer to anyone who still wants to enjoy their favorite fried foods with little to no oil.







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