A Girl With Curls

April 4, 2018

My hair is very curly and l love it that way. I was actually born with straight hair like my mom but it curled as it grew longer. My hair gets tangled a lot! It can be frustrating at times but I've found a solution for less tangles...I brush it out with a comb as I wash it. It helps to detangle my hair without pulling and damaging it. Then I air dry it, apply coconut oil or a leave in conditioner that Mama (my grandmother) brings me from the Dominican Republic.




I don’t really like to leave my hair down because I have a lot of it so it makes me feel hot. I usually have it up in a ponytail or bun and I almost always have a bow in my hair. My mom says that as soon as I was born and placed on her chest she put a bow on my head. I was like her doll. She dressed me up even if we weren’t going anywhere and it’s stuck with me through the years. I’m pretty sure that I’ll outgrow bows but for now it’s my style. Some people even call me the Queen of Bows! 




I think it’s important for girls all around the world to love their hair. It doesn’t matter what color, style, or length it is. It’s part of you so you should take care of it and learn to love your hair because it's beautiful.




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