Mother-Daughter Girl's Night In

March 31, 2018

It doesn’t take much to have fun when you’re with someone you enjoy spending your time with. Whenever my mom and I are together the simplest moments are the most special ones. My family and I have been driving back and forth between Miami and Fort Lauderdale since my mom arrived. We’ve been leaving the house early and returning late almost everyday so we decided to stay in to rest and relax. It’s really easy and affordable to create your own spa like mother-daughter date. We decided to keep it simple this time though.




All you need is to a mask of your choice. We chose a Charcoal & Tea Tree purifying mask as well as a Vitamin C Brighten mask but you can also make your own with ingredients you already have at home like oatmeal, honey, and water for example. As for our mani and pedi we went with the Sally Hanson miracle gel which includes a gel color and a gel top coat. What I love about it is that it dries quickly and lasts long. Take a large bowl, place pebbles that you can purchase from the Dollar Tree, and fill it up with warm water. You can add epsom salt and essential oil drops of your preference. 



Without a doubt, we felt well rested and relaxed in the comfort of my home while we caught up on life and brainstormed on future posts and plans for our blog. I have many memories at the salon and spa with my mom. I’ve been going with her since I was just a baby but I’m more of a DIY type. I like to recreate what I’ve experienced in spas and salons that I’ve found to be useful or enjoyable. 


So you see, you too can make time for yourself and create your own last minute spa like day. What are your favorite ways to rest and relax? 

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