Versailles Cuban Restaurant

March 27, 2018


Versailles Restaurant, also known as The World's Most Famous Cuban Restaurant, is iconic to the South Florida community. The restaurant opened it's doors in the 70's and I've been going since I was just two years old, back in the 90's. There's always a line of people that wraps around the corner of Versailles, no matter the day nor time. People from all over, whether it's Miami residents or tourists from around the world happily wait to be served in what has become a part of Miami's culture.




Per usual, whenever my mom and grandma are visiting from Puerto Rico, we passed by Versailles to have one of our favorite dishes. A plantain soup and Mariquitas (plantain chips).















My mom ordered one of their most popular dishes- Imperial Rice, a rice cooked with saffron and chicken. It has mayonnaise, roasted red bell peppers, a hard boiled egg and green peas. Served with sweet plantains. 








My grandma ordered the Northern Cod Chunks, a dish with lightly floured and deep fried cod chunks with a side of moro rice and sweet plantains. 









The kids and I shared the Red Snapper fillet with two sides of white rice and black beans.


When you're at Versailles, no matter how full you feel you can't leave without having their famous Cortadito coffee and a dessert from one of their two bakeries which are conveniently connected to the restaurant. Each with a window, also known as La Ventanita which serves as an on the go order and pick-up for coffee and baked goods. 







It doesn't matter where you're from, if you haven't been to Versailles Restaurant, you haven't really be in Miami. 




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