Moms and Daughters- A Long Distance Love

March 23, 2018

My mother's always been my best friend. Anyone that spends time with her quickly realizes why it's so easy to love her. She has a personality like no other! Growing up, she was the mom that all my friends wanted to talk to and go to for advice because she's the type of person that tells it as it is. She definitely gets that from my grandmother.


My mom and my grandma have always had a strong bond as well. My family and I moved from Puerto Rico to Orlando, Florida when my brother and I were only four and two years old. I grew up seeing how much my mom missed my grandma but more importantly the effort they both put forth to maintain their strong mother-daughter relationship. My grandmother did the same with my brother and I. She has six grandchildren and we're all close in age so she spent most of our childhood traveling back and forth to be present at our birthday parties and any other special occasions. Back then, the most we can do without having to travel was make phone calls or send letters and packages. Now, my grandmother has a Facebook and communicates with my children via FaceTime so we're very much a part of each others lives despite the distance. 



I moved out of my parents house the night of my wedding, where my ceremony and reception was held. I continued to visit my mom almost daily until she moved back to Puerto Rico. At the time, I was so caught up in my own life as a young adult balancing marriage and motherhood to feel the impact but as time went on I began to feel a void that is only filled when my mom and I are together. Technology has allowed us to keep in touch daily. While she's spent most of my kids lives living on the island, she's very much present and they share a beautiful bond. We take turns flying back and forth and we check in daily, even if it's just through text messages sometimes.


Long distance relationships between a parent and their child is never easy, no matter the age nor distance. I certainly wish we could just be a drive away but I understand that for the time being we're where we need to be. For us, it's easy to stay in touch and be a part of each other's everyday lives because I can go to my mom for just about anything and feel comfortable asking or sharing and know that she'll tell me what I need to hear. My heart overflows with love whenever we are together. I love spending time with her but more than anything it makes me so happy to see my mom and my children together. Living away from family can be challenging but it can also strengthen your bond. The key is to always make time for those you love and create memories whenever your together to hold onto while you're apart. 



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