Little Passports- Brazil

March 6, 2018

I received my second monthly package from Little Passports. Can you guess which Country I explored this time? I'll give you a hint. "Olá!" That's Hello in Portuguese, the official language of Brazil. That's were the Little Passports pen pals Sam and Sofia traveled to.



Brazil is a country with so many interesting places like the city of Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon rain forest, for example. Did you know that the Amazon has four main layers and over 40,000 plant species? There's the Emergent Layer, the Canopy, the Understory, and the Forest Floor.There's also many insects and animals like the colorful frogs, the rhinoceros beetle, and the uhkari monkey. It’s a monkey with red and orange fur and a bright red face. 



Some of the activities included drawing a spider monkey step-by-step, a maze throughout the Canopy layer of the Amazon, a Portuguese word search, and a South America scramble.The activity book also included a recipe for a traditional Brazilian chocolate treat, Brigadeiros, which I look forward to making with my mom.




My favorite item from the Brazil package was the Amethyst geode, it's a beautiful and unique souvenir. 



What do you think about Brazil? 




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