Stepping out of your Comfort Zone: What's in it for you?

March 1, 2018


Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of those things that's easier said than done. Especially if your an introvert and a perfectionist like myself. I wouldn't mind living happily ever after in a bubble but then I wouldn't actually be living. When you step out of your comfort zone you get to celebrate the highs and learn from the lows in life at peace. 



Take control of your life

Increase your confidence 

Build self-esteem

Become more productive and creative

Learn new skills

Cope better with the unexpected


We often get in our own way and limit ourselves by staying where we feel most comfortable, sometimes that may even mean sacrificing our true happiness. How many times have you thought of an idea or set a goal to only go back and forth on it without actually going for it? I've been there plenty of times and I can tell you that the feeling of wonder and regret feels much worse than discomfort and fear. Let's get comfortable with being uncomfortable...



1. Face your fears

Determine what you want to accomplish.

Identify what's holding you back.

Train your brain for happiness and success.


2. Take baby steps

Set a goal.

Make a commitment with yourself.

Be flexible.

Embrace change.

Be consistent.


3. ENJOY the process

Learn one new thing everyday.

Write down your thoughts.


Give yourself feedback.

Have fun.


4. Focus on the positive

Be open-minded.

Choose to see the good in everything.

Be patient. 

Visualize your dreams as a reality. 


5. Be yourself

Believe in yourself.

Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

Be easy on yourself.

Work at your own pace.



Start or pick up where you left off on that idea, goal, or dream of yours that's been pending for weeks, months, and even years. One of the beauty's in life is that you get to create your story and who you want to be. Enjoy the process of becoming and live the life you imagined when you were in your comfort zone.




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