An eco-friendly alternative to disposable bags

February 27, 2018

Snacks are life-savers, especially if you're out with your kids. I'm that mom that always has all sorts of snacks in my bag. You could buy the pre-packaged individual size snacks but those tend to cost more and have less in a pack than if you were to buy wholesale and pack the portion of your choice in snack size bags. 


The problem is that I was going through so many disposable bags. I was constantly filling them up to only throw them out once they were used. I did try to wash and reuse them but either the plastic wasn't durable enough and it would rip or it caused the bags to appear foggy.


Fast forward to now, between my daughter's school lunches and little boy's snacks, who is almost two yet eats like a teenage boy, I found myself going through boxes of those disposable plastic bags. I was determined to find an eco-friendly alternative to store their favorite foods and keep them fresh. In my search for reusable plastic bags, I found (re)zip, part of the Blue Avocado brand. They offer a variety of reusable snack and storage bags in different styles, colors, and sizes. They're lightweight yet durable and so easy to wash.



I recommend purchasing their kits. You'll find a use for each item included. Whether it's to store school snacks or your meal-prepped fruits and vegetables, you can count on all your food staying fresh. The (re)zip bags are great to store in your pantry, fridge, and freezer.






Make the switch on Amazon.

Replace hundreds of disposable bags by using the reusable

(re)zip and Blue Avocado bags.







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