Tilde & Company

February 23, 2018

Feeling and looking good is easy with Tilde & Co., the brand created to empower women around the world. Positive messages have a way of transforming one's mindset and state of being almost instantly. With a lack of inspirational messages in the Spanish language for women to embrace in their daily fashion wear and home or office use, Tilde & Co. created a line based off messages exclusively in Spanish, allowing women to feel identified with sayings such as perfectamente imperfecta, bendencida, and poderosa (perfectly imperfect, blessed, and powerful.)


Entrepreneurs Aidita and Arlene Oruña and Carolina Carezis, the creators of Tilde & Co., launched their collection with a variety of products from shirts, handbags, purses, notebooks, cups and mugs. Recently they expanded their collection with new items such as cushions, pajamas, hats, aromatic candles, the new cup model with the message of Insiste (Insist) and the new glass with Agradecida (Grateful).



Tilde & Co. truly represents the saying less is more with their simple but powerful messages displayed on each of the products. The brand transmits its message of positivity, spirituality, empowerment and even humor allowing women to feel and spread good vibes onto others wherever they go.


Tilde & Co.'s launch was a great success and has been received by women from all over with such positive feedback, both on the concept of the brand and the quality of the products. This is only the beginning for Tilde & Co., the collection will continue to expand and touch the lives of women across the globe who finally have signature tops and products with sayings they can identify with and use at home, in the office, or daily life.


The collection is available at the Sam's and Walgreens chains, in Puerto Rico, and on the internet at https://www.tildeandcompany.com/


For more information visit social networks @tildeandco. 



Links to the products shown in post


Perfectamente Imperfecta hat 


Bendecida planner 


Insiste Persiste Resiste pen/stylus/bookmark


Bendecida tote bag

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