Letter to my 19 year old self.

February 22, 2018

There you are...taking what may be the last real nap of your life. The physical pain you are feeling right now as you wait for your baby girl to make her way into the world is only temporary. It'll all be worth it as soon as she's here. If you think you love her now, wait until you hold her for the first time. It's a feeling that I still have not been able to put into words. A mother's love is just indescribable.



You may only be 19 years old but you have what it takes to still do great things in life despite what others think. Whatever you want. Dare to dream and go for it. You'll stumble and fall. You'll feel lost and alone despite having a small yet strong circle of people supporting you along the way. Your whole life is about to change, it's going to revolve around someone else. There will be times that you feel like you're failing but you won't ever give up because you are stronger than you think and you will figure it all out. 


Love yourself...

Take care of yourself...


It may sound a little selfish considering you're about to bring a new life into the world but it's the only way you will be able to BE and GIVE your best to your daughter. To you, your life is all over the place but to your little girl, you're already her entire life and everything is exactly how it's suppose to be. It may take time to find yourself...after all you're about to spend all of your 20's learning how to be an adult, a mom, and a wife. Whatever you do, cherish every moment because next thing you know you'll be 28 looking back on the day your life changed and how magical it's been since...all because of the little girl who made you a mother.That's how fast time goes by.



To those mothers who are going through this or a similar situation..where the world expects one thing of you but you redirect your life, your dreams, and your goals to discover what unconditional love is even before you're ready...you got this and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.



28 year old Natyia

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