Little Passports- World Edition

February 12, 2018

It's so much fun to unbox the Little Passports because it's unlike any other box that's been delivered to our house. It's a suitcase and it's the perfect size for me. I like the bright colors and the style. I enjoyed reading and doing the activities with my family. My favorite item was the coin collection book and the 20 coins from other countries. It was interesting to see how alike and different each coin is from the ones we use in the U.S. I recommend this to other kids because it's an easy and fun way of learning about countries around the world.





  • Suitcase

  • Passport

  • Boarding pass Tag

  • World map

  • Letter from Co-Founders, Amy Norman & Stella Ma

  • Introductory letter from Pen pals, Sam & Sofia

  • Stickers

  • Post card with pictures of Zimbabwe, India and Italy

  • 20 Coins from Countries Around the World

  • Activity book

  • World coin collection book

  • Weather Lab Science Kit

Activity book

-Flag activity
-Animals Around the World
-Global Grocery Store


World coin collection book

-Design Your Own Coin

-Coin Trivia

-Coin Bingo


Weather Lab Science Kit
-Tornado Information Card & Tornado model
-Volcano Information Card & Build Your Own Erupting Volcano kit
-Snow Information Card & Make Your Own Instant Snow kit


Go to Little Passports to start exploring the world right from your home with your kids!



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