How to sell used items on letgo

February 10, 2018


I love to organize as it is but lately I've been a bit more motivated than usual because I discovered the letgo app. It's a mobile marketplace that conveniently allows you to buy and sell locally. 



Research the item you're listing ahead of time, both on the internet and on the app itself, to know what the original price is and how much other sellers are listing it for to ensure your price is fair.


Take clear pictures of your item. The app allows several image uploads per listing so you can display different angles and details of your item. 


Choose a title that's fitting and provide a detailed description. State the condition, clothing/shoe size, furniture measurements, etc. 


Set your notifications to ON so you become aware of the offers as they come in, via the app's messenger, in order to provide quick responses. Often times, potential buyers will attempt to negotiate the price but it's entirely up to you if you are willing to lower the price or even pass on an offer that doesn't work for you. 


Ensure that you and you're potential buyer are clear on the item, it's condition, and price before setting up a meet-up. Choose a public location to receive payment in cash in exchange for the item you are selling and consider taking someone with you the day of.




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